Project development


Project development stages

This stage includes identification of the investment opportunity in a specific country and the formulation of a strategy and preliminary timeline for the development of the project. Economic and technical analysis of the region is done in order to certify the financial model as well as to verify the legal and regulatory framework for renewable energy projects.

Site selection and evaluation Identifying and analyzing potential locations for solar power plants. Selecting land in proximity to the selected point of connection & securing a purchase or a long-term lease over the land for the construction of the solar power plant.

This phase includes preparation of a Permit matrix and Grid connection regulatory requirements, including obtaining of different licenses, if applicable. It begins with a detailed review of all necessary permits and licenses needed for constructing and operating the power plant. Furthermore, it includes the preparation and submission of all relevant permit and license applications and the preparation and submission of grid connection application.

The preparation of an engineering design of the project includes several stages: preliminary design, approval design, execution design (detailed engineering), specifications and contract preparation.

Carrying out a wide range of environmental and technical studies and consult with different organizations to understand how a potential PV design will affect its local environment.  Obtaining the needed permits and approvals from the local authorities.

Arrangement of senior debt, construction finance, equity investment. In order to obtain finance, a comprehensive documentation of the project should be prepared. Optimizing the financing structure to maximize risk- adjusted returns.

Turnkey EPC solutions


hec solar offers Turnkey solar installations. We will provide full support to any customer willing to invest in or develop a solar installation, either rooftop or free field. From the project development to the construction and commissioning of the plant – you can rely on us.

Our services include:

Project Management

Contract Management






Utility-Scale execution

hec solar participated in the construction of more than 1,5 GWp utility-scale PV plants. With our established network of partners, skilled workers and practical experience on various continents, we are able to fulfil all customers’ expectations.

Our scope of services include:

Site set-up


Table/Tracker Assembly

Modules Deployment

Material Logistics

Cable Laying

AC / DC Connection

Procurement of Electrical Components

Test protocols & Commissioning

hec solar executed projects all over the world